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"Sometimes...You Gotta' Kicka' Cab!"

Hi John Oscar~ I read all eleven pages! It moved very well, and kept me interested! You've only got about 300 pages or so, to go! So get busy! :o) Regards ~ Jim
Hi JohnO ~ I read the rest of your book yesterday! I'm guessing that your story is current up to the point where your youngest daughter is around 14 years of age? What year was she 14? I enjoyed reading about your various escapades! I enjoyed it very much! Especially the last part where you gave "thanks" to various individuals! Thank you for your acknowledgement!
Regards ~ Jim McAteer

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An 8x10 color picture signed by Oscar and Bernie to 'your name' and part of the proceeds will go to the Pirates and Parrots Foundation. Thank you for supporting live comedy. Act today and get Bernie in the Bird Cage included FREE!
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